We are a family, a church, a collection of friendships that have been apprehended by the love of Jesus, and we desire to share that love with the entirety of humanity.

God is expressing Himself in a unique and special way here in Redlands. There are several gatherings throughout the week where people are awakening to the radical love of Jesus. He is bringing living stones together, building His very temple, a tabernacle of the living presence of love. We are then experiencing this love in familial relationships and in learning to receive from our Papa. His life is abundant and has found its way in our hearts. This life is easily shared when motivated by love. We are now seeing our city impacted with the gospel and are excited about the future. All the glory, honor, praise, and shing-ding-ding be given to Jesus!


More about Jared: Jared Gustafson has been on a lifelong journey of discovering what's always been true, awakening further to his identity found in perfect union with Jesus Christ. Laughing, skipping, jumping throughout the earth, with occasional shouts of gleeful ecstasy, he lives to unveil the joy and outrageous love of God. Among many things, he enjoys bubbles, balloons, kazoos, and disco-raging-dance-worship-parties as well as virtually any percussion instrument. He lives to assure people everywhere that they are safe, accepted, embraced, perfected and made whole by Jesus, and that they together are liberated to express Him. Speaking and traveling from state to state or continent to continent, he has been throughout the earth sharing the message of good news and liberation. Particularly passionate about the value of each person, he desires to lay aside microphones, pulpits, and platforms to sit face to face with people and extract the riches of Jesus from each renewed heart. He believes the gospel is best shared in a conversation over tea. Always excited to make a new friends, Jared longs to meet you! Prepare for an engulfing embrace... 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make love a living reality. We exist so that love would no longer remain just a word people say. 

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New Natures assists in the continual transformation in Kenya, Africa through various projects. Find out more and join us!
— Jared

What We've Achieved

  • We have monthly gatherings called Beers and Hymns where we drink beer and sing traditional hymns.
  • Join us for our annual Easter Celebration 
  • Every 4th of July we are in the parade! Join the fun! 
  • Building apartment complexes in Kenya, East Africa.
  • Building Houses in Mexico
  • Gardening Projects in the slums.
  • Empowering Orphans in Kenya!
  • Bi-annual conference called Kainos Koinia!